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The Brand

The Brand

The Durín brand represents the foundation of our business, the values ​​of our organizational culture and our pride to forever be entrepreneurs.

The modern font shows the ongoing pursuit of innovation, while the uniqueness of the logo is expressed by the distinctive design of the letters "d" and the accent on the "i".


The rounded shape represents modernity, infinity and protection. Seeing Durín's brand, one can observe that it is formed from a continuous curve, which expresses continuity and wholeness, in other words, the brand is constantly renewing, seeking innovation in its product line.

The Brand
The color and the slogan

The red color symbolizes the passion that the people who are part of the Durín family have for the brand, making them feel motivated and encouraged to give their best in their daily work at the company, with effort and determination, giving meaning to the slogan "Passion for what we do". Thus, consequently the company delivers to the market quality products, surpassing the expectations of its consumers, who are also attracted to learn about Durín.

Our mascot

The creation of Dudu, our mascot, represents not only our brand, but every aspect of it is directly related to our image, our culture and our way of working.

The Brand Dudu's Evolution

Durín is constantly evolving and it couldn't be different with Dudu. Over time, his image is improved to follow the company's identity.

Mascote Durín
The Brand